Product Details

Grocery Packing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


1. The appearance of product is made of stainless steel material,its external shape is simple and beautiful,in line with the design requirement of lots of the standard production workshop.

2. Various accessories are processed precisely,production technology and industry,etc,have obtained the sediment from customer experience for a long time of the company and continuous improvement,its main parts adopts the unique design,high strength,low noise,good sealing performance.

3. The design of automatic production line is extremely east to be make up the operation line combined with the filling system,weighing filling system or labeling system.


1 The art of cutting the inner edge to enhance the brand value of the product
2 Simple operation, all with one click, all packaging can be completed
3 Automatic top box device, easy to take, save labor
4 Millions of sliding without failure, stable packaging.
5 Low-voltage electrical appliances, mixing systems, start-up devices are using the global first-line brand
6 Advanced replacement technology, the residual oxygen content is stable below 0.5%.
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