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Automatic Potato Chips/Popcorn/Beans/Seeds/Rice Packaging Machine, Banana Slices Nitrogen Puffed Food Packing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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The Linear Weigher feactures high speed, high accuracy and high productivity. Offered in 1, 2, 3 and 4 head configuration, also offered in single vibrated feeder pan and duplex vibrated feeder pan. And each head includes a dedicated load cell which ensures a high precision. It's also a reliable approach to weighing a huge range of products, one of the most cost-effective methods for weighing bulk materials to relieve labour intensity and improve working efficiency.

Operator enters the parameters for the weight with upper and lower limits, also speed and central plate parameters, thus the weigher automatically regulates with preset parameters. Easy for integration with downstreams, such like Z Bucket Conveyor, Working Stand/Platform, Mini Doypack Machine, Output Conveyor, Metal Detector, Weighing Checker, Rejector System and Collecting Table etc. The modular construction makes cleaning easy and keeps mainteance to a minimum.

1. The automatic weighing machine is of high precision sensor.
2. The open & close speed of the material hopper cover can be adjusted.
3. There is a stepping motor equipped in the automatic weighing machine, which can makes it smooth and stable run, long service life .
4. Optional for our machine: patterned scale, bin, printing device.
5. Measuring error: within ±1.5g.

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