Product Details

Full Automatic Puffed Rice/Black Rice/Round Rice /Food Packing Packaging Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Models T-200 T-30K
Test weight 5-2000 g 2 ~ 30 kg
Resolution ±0.2-0.5g ±5-10g
Sorting speed 50-70 times 10-60 times
Belt height 700 mm (can be designed according to need) 1000 mm (can be designed according to need)
Belt size 300 x 150 mm customized as required

1. This machine neither fills in the damaged bag nor defective bags
2. The machine doesn't seal the empty bags for the case of material saving.
3. The superior cleaning device, dust removing device and intensified sealing technique ensures the dustless working environment.
4. This unit can fill and seal various flat bags automatically. Simple operation of changing different bag's sizes, which only need 2-5min.

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